Revolution Fitness Programs

Boot Camp aka Large Group Training It’s a fitness program for men and women designed to change your life in a shorter amount of time then spending hours at the gym. The workouts are always different, challenging different muscles everyday so you won’t hit that plateaus. We use anything and everything in this program! Any fitness level is welcome to enter this program. We can alter the workouts based on your fitness level, so everyone can get a great workout in!

Semi-Private Personal Training It’s like one on one personal training but there may be up to 4 people in one session working on their own workout that was specifically designed for each individual person’s goals. Do the big groups scare you or intimate you? Then this is what you want. You and the Coach will discuss your goals and they will build a program for you based on those goals.

Kettlebell Konditioning This is similar to Boot Camp except it’s only using Kettlebells and body weight exercises. Helps build strength and conditioning.

Strength Club Do you enjoy lifting weights, want to learn or want to know your technique is correct? We spend 45 min to 1 hour focusing on big lifts and accessory work.

Elitefit This program combines Strength through big lifts, like the Deadlift, Squat, Overhead Press, etc with conditioning work like Kettlebell Swings, Wall Balls, Burpees, etc to help build the best you, you can be!

Prices depend on what you choose.  Contact us for more details (219) 765-1586.