November Rockstar of the Month!

Each month we choose someone who wants hard inside and outside of the gym as our member of the month. This month its Vicky! She’s worked extremely hard for this and I couldn’t be happier for her!

Here is Vicky’s story and be sure to check out her pictures below:
I started here at RF back in December of 2014. I had previously been on Weight Watchers and lost about 50 pounds but the weight started to creep back. I knew I wanted to do something to get in shape for good, and then my sister told me about coach Steph. She convinced me to sign up for the boot camp, and that grew into coming regularly. I started feeling healthier and well, so I knew that I’d found a place I wanted to be. I eventually started going to the elite fit classes and then went into the strength training class as well.
RF is just such a great place all around, coach Steph, with the help of coach David, and coach Kerri put in so much work to make it welcoming, without holding back on delivering the training and discipline you need. Coach Steph works within my abilities, and is always pushing me to do better. She knows when I need to increase the weight I am working with, even though I sometimes I don’t feel like I want to or can! But she knows what everyone can or can’t do, and it’s just so great to know your coach has your back and genuinely cares about you.
It’s not just the coaches either, every member comes together and it’s like having a real team. Thanks to RF, I’ve completed a couple 5K’s, including the Beast Boot Camp and the Warrior Dash mud run. I also competed in the team Festivus Games. It might be hard work, but when you feel yourself getting stronger and healthier then land a podium finish at the Festivus Games it’s all so worth it.
RF has made such an impact on my daily life that I can’t express in just numbers and words like “I’ve lost so and so inches or so many pounds.” Yes, I’ve lost weight and can fit in all kinds of clothes, but thanks to Steph and the others, I feel healthier than I’ve ever been, I KNOW I’m healthier and definitely stronger than I’ve ever been. Even more so than when I was a teenager, and I’m 56 years old!
It’s never easy getting up at 5 in the morning, or coming to work out right after a long day at work. Sometimes I just want to lay in bed, but I know that keeping up at RF means being happier and healthier, and I can’t ever image my daily routine without it.



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