After treatment for breast cancer...

After treatment for breast cancer, I made the conscience decision to change to a healthier lifestyle.  When I first met Steph Woods, I was severely weak from several surgeries & chemotherapy.  I was also over weight, had poor mobility, little flexibility & became severely winded by just simply walking up & down my stairs at home as a result of my poor eating habits & sedentary lifestyle.

 Now I can proudly say that after working out with Steph as my training & nutrition coach for the past 3 years, I am 4 sizes smaller, increased my lean weight from 121.35 to 132.57, dropped my fat weight from 59.64 to 33.43 & dropped my body fat percentage from 32.95% to 20.14%.

 With Steph in my corner, she has encouraged me to push myself to a stronger, leaner & more self-confidant me.  I enjoy the camaraderie & friendships that I find at Revolution Fitness. Instead of sitting at home watching TV, I now find myself with the Revolution Fitness Team participating in community events such as 5K runs, obstacle course activities & physically challenging fundraisers that I never would have dreamed of doing before.

 I beat cancer twice & because of Steph Woods & Revolution Fitness I am thoroughly enjoying a healthy active life.